22 January 1921: German Catholic bishops against vice, pouring alcohol down the drain, Gorky disgusted

From The Standard-Examiner:


BERLIN, Jan. 1 — (Correspondence) — The Catholic bishops of Germany have issued a pastoral letter asking all parishoners to unite in a campaign against vice, which it is charged, flourishes in many cities. The bishops call particular attention to the “immorality” of some theatres, moving picture houses and restaurants, where, it is alleged, vicious dancing prevails.

Women are asked to help do away with some of the “shameful modes” of women’s dresses and to guard their daughters against the dangers of “loose thinking and careless living.” The bishops say public immorality since the war has reached a point where it threatens to undermine family life and the morale of the people and urge the necessity of a sharp reaction and return to “older and better standards.”


From The Gettysburg Times:


130,000 Quarts

This will either make you mad or glad — it all depends. Prohibition agents accumulated 130,000 quarts of honest-to-goodness hard Liquor in several months raids in Wankegan, Ill. And here they are pouring it all down the sewer.



Maxim Gorky, the Russian writer who worked for the Bolshevik propaganda department for a time, is reported to have left Moscow announcing that he was “disgusted” with the Soviet regime.

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  1. Western societies really were unbelievably conservative – post-Victorian, let us say – in those dim and distant days long since past, weren’t they. My 91 year old paternal grandmother, who’s still alive and was the youngest of my grandparents, would have been a year-and-a-half old when these articles were published. Absolutely fascinating stuff. Though I’m glad I didn’t live in that era.

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