21 September 1920: Reaction to Wall Street being bombed, and disgraceful suggestive dancing

90 years ago the Sandusky Register took terrorist bombers and dirty dancing to task.


The Wall Street disaster proves once more the futility of violent methods to destroy capitalism. Americans are people who want to see fair play, and in any such instance of unfairness they swing at once to the side of the injured. Whatever Americans in general may have thought last week of Morgan or of Wall Street, today their sympathy goes out to them, and their disgust to those who sought by bombs to destroy them.
The main end, therefore, of the planting of the explosives was not retained. The thing which the criminals aimed to destroy is today stronger than ever and public opinion, as well as all the machinery of every civilized government, is turned against the would-be destroyers.
Incidentally, many innocent persons were killed and many more were injured. Much valuable property has been ruined.
And why are these anarchists so stupid that they cannot learn that destruction is paid for by the whole people, always?
Injustice has been wrought by capital in the past. Doubtless in some instances it is so being wrought today. But two wrongs never make a right and not by violence are the desired ends achieved. By the co-operation of labor with capital, and with the public which includes them both, industrial wrongs become relegated to the past, industrial rights become the order of the day. But the wholesale murder of stenographers, office boys and passers-by does not exactly inspire that confidence which begets a desire for friendly co-operation.

Ordinances are being enacted widely to check the immodest dancing which seems to have permeated almost every community, no matter how small or how decent. One such ordinance, recently enacted, provides:
That a proper distance must be maintained between partners.
That no part of the dancers’ heads may touch.
That girls may not place their arms around their partners’ necks.
That no one may dance in a suggestive manner.
While these restrictions are aimed at public dancing places, it is hoped that they will be observed at private parties as well.
Just how the ridiculous cheek-to-cheek jaz got its hold on sane and decent America is hard to understand. That is is being recognized generally for the disgusting display which it is, and being gradually retired from the public favor, is a good thing and speaks well for the fundamental soundness of American ideals.
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