3 September 1920: 10,000 men for Palestine to construct Jewish national homeland

One of the more interesting articles from 90 years ago is this one, detailing plans involving 10,000 volunteers to spend time in Palestine (then ruled by the British) to build Balfouria, the “colony of the America Zion commonwealth”.

Wikipedia article on Balfouria today

(Cook County Herald)


Zionist Official Appeals for 10,000 Volunteer Workers.

Are Necessary for the Basic Reconstruction of the Jewish National Homeland.

Jerusalem — Ten thousand volunteers, chosen from veterans of the world war, the Jewish Legion, and skiled workmen, to enlist at once for 18 months’ service in a Jewish Industrial army in Palestine, are necessary for the basic reconstruction work of the Jewish national homeland, according to Bernard A. Rosenblatt, president of the American Zion commonwealth, who is now in Palestine in the interests of “Balfouria,” the colony of the American Zion commonwealth.

Mr. Rosenblatt recommends a regular army organization with a general staff of three which, as a Jewish industrial commission, will supervise the work of the Jewish labor army in rebuilding the Holy Land.

“Our biggest task, once the call is issued for volunteers, will be in sifting out the applicants and determining upon the 10,000 to go,” he said. “They could all be occupied in the one task of building houses for future immigrants. The army should work only on land belonging to the Jewish nation, lands secured from the Palestine government, from the Jewish national fund, the American Zion commonwealth or other agencies of the Zionist organization.”

In addition to the construction of homes, he points out that such an army would be busied in preparing land for immediate settlement, irrigation, afforestation, sanitation and engineering works necessary for the development of industry and commerce.

“The nucleus for such an industrial army is already in Palestina in the co-operative groups, working on the lands of the Jewish national fund and in the group that is developing “Balfouria,” the first colony of the American Zion commonwealth,” he concluded. “I am convinced after two visits to Palestine that only through such a huge disciplined Jewish labor army, we will be able to reconquer the land of our forefathers.”

The next two are just curiosities – the first one is an image with a caption and the second isn’t interesting enough to type out, but is worth looking at to keep in mind that gossipy and slightly trashy fare isn’t anything new in a newspaper.

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