29 August 1920 – Argentine tango is dead

Today’s news chosen from 90 years ago is not so serious, just a premature prediction in the Washington Post that day by a “British Authority” that Argentinian tango is dead.


Tendency of Modern Steps is for Simplicity, Says British Authority.


Middle-Aged Dancer Here to Stay, Avers Major Cecil Taylor.

London, Aug 28. — The Argentine tango, which has been dying since 1914, got its last jolt today, when Maj. Cecil Taylor, president of the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers Congress, pronounced it dead. Fashionable dances next season will be a new and thoroughly reconstructed tango, the fox-trot, the one-step l’Italienne and the Spanish schottische. Simplicity in movement is the basis of these dances. The ‘hip hold’ is barred.

“The tendency of the modern dance is for simplicity in movement,” said Maj Taylor. “There must be quietness in style. No stunts are wanted. L’Italienne is a walz in a new theme and the Spanish schottische resembles a fox trot, but it is slower. One of the reasons for the slower tendency in dancing is that the middle aged dancer has come to stay.”

The congress rules that in dancing the man should place his hand in the middle of his partner’s back. She is guided in this way, instead of by her partner placing his right hand on her left hip.

Another newspaper from that day shows a fashion that would not be at all out of place today either, except for the black thing the model in the drawing is holding if it happens to be fur. Some of the fashion terminology is quite different as well, with words such as serges, poiret trimmings, and chamoistyn. Besides that though the ad’s overly flowery, often incomprehensible and hyperbolic nature is no different from those you see today.

Youth and Charm Accompany Fall Suits

AGAIN right at the very beginning of the Fall, our showings of fashionable wear are complete. Not only in the fullest range of authentic styles, but in the earliest showings of the styles which will lead the mode. Again, we enable our friends to select their fall and winter wear, right at the beginning of the season, so that they may have the utmost of service, for our prices are placed at fair figures for real value in assured quality and workmanship.

New Suits for Fall

The charm of youth, a splendid variety of models from which to make your choice, such an exhibit at so reasonable a price, merits your early attendance. In wool velous, tricotines, broadcloth and chamoistyn at $45.00 up.

Fall Dresses

What lovely frocks await your choosing in serges, tricotines, poiret twills, beaded, embroidery and fancy trimmings. THAT YOU SHOULD SEE THESE, IS A FACT at $20.00 and up.


New Fall Coats and Wraps

They are infallible in style, in peach bloom, chamoistyn and oudulette — an exceeding pleasure awaits you in their choosing at $45.00 and up.

Burdick & Murray Co.

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